Wooden Vent Hoods

Listed below are some of the Wooden Vent Hoods we have available for order. These hoods are available in twelve different species of woods. To order please use the Model Name below the image when filling out the order form.

Benefits Of Wooden Vent Hoods

Wooden Vent HoodsWooden vent hoods adds a unique style and grace to your kitchen. Wooden range hoods are a nice alternative to the more standard metal ones. The main use of vent hoos is to collect grease, unhealthy smoke, and other airborne particals created from cooking. In addition, a proper hood can help in the circulation of clean air. With such an important function, it is no wonder why vent hoods are a major focus of any kitchen.
If you have quality wood cabinets, and are looking for a complimenting vent hood, then the wide variety at Arkansas Wood Doors is your best choice. Also, we provide over 12 different types of wood to choose from. Order your wooden vent hood today!

Metal and Wooden Vent Hoods

Metal range hoods are usually made of aluminum, copper, or zinc. Also, they have the interior motors and fans built into them. While they are more of a basic everyday look, than the custom look of their wood counterpart. Wooden vent hoods can be either cabinet-mount or wall-mounted. In addiiton, the wood vent hoods will fit more seamlessly with your wood cabinets than the metal ones. They are alos easy to stain or paint to match the look of your kitchen. Where the wood hoods really stand out is the designs and unique looks that the metal ones do not provide.

If you would like to learn more about our custom wood vent hoods, give us a call at 479-968-5486.  Our cabinet and door ecxperts can help decide on the hood that best fits your needs. Finally, you can also fill out our order form for more information as well.