A holiday kitchen makeover does not mean that you have to replace your cabinets. It is possible to decorate your cabinets without damaging them with tape or other damaging adhesives. Adding a few simple enhancements can bring the holiday spirit into your home without leaving you unattractive blemishes on your cabinet doors.

Here are a list of cabinet decorating tips for the holiday season.


Everyone loves ribbons. You can use ribbons to decorate your cabinets like gifts. You can attach other decorations to ribbons to decorate your cabinets such as bows or lights. You can tape the ribbon on the inside of your cabinets to avoid damaging the front of them.


Add a festive garland on top of your cabinets. Or for cabinets that you don’t use, run a garland through the handles. Garlands come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Some garlands have lights or Christmas ornaments. Either way, they will make a great addition to your Arkansas Wood Doors cabinets.


Use the empty space above the cabinets for fake gifts. Wrapped gifts can make beautiful Christmas decorations. This is also a great place to hide real gifts.


Hang a small Christmas wreath for each cabinet door. Most wreaths come with hooks so that you can hang them from your cabinet doors.

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