Creating Custom Projects Using CAD Software and YOUR Ideas!

Arkansas Wood Doors Uses Top Of The Line Software To Bring Your Creativity To Life!

Top Shelf Software

Arkansas Wood Doors has recently stepped up our software with the purchase of EnRoute 6 CNC Software. This software allows us to take a simple or complex drawing and add a toolpath to it. Once the drawing has toolpaths, we then export it into a file format that our CNC machine can read. Below are the steps it takes to create a unique project from a simple idea.


Project Example: Name Sign

Tyler is our onsite CAD Artist. This was one of the first projects he ran using EnRoute. We used a 1/4″ Ball Nose tool to simulate a Zen Garden-like look on the background!

Step 1: Create a Drawing

We start with a simple frame around the name

Step 2: Add Tool Paths

Once the drawing is complete, we select the areas we want to cut out and define what kind of cut and which tool will cut it

Step 3: Run Simulation to Check for Accuracy

Before any job is run, we simulate it in EnRoute to make sure it turns out like we want

Step 4: Cut the Design

Depending on the material, the finished product can be finished with stain or lacquer.

Other Project Examples

Wine Racks

Made to fit inside a cabinet. Can also be used as a standalone unit. Depth, size of bottle slots, and number of bottle slots can be customized.

Name Plate Signs

Can do any name or saying on a specified size of a MDF or solid wood piece of material.

Shoe Rack

Made from seperate interlocking pieces. Can customize the size of the squares and the depth. Made with veneered MDF or regular MDF. Looks best when stained or lacquered.

Custom Designed Coasters

Can do most logos. Design options include: routed out design or inlays. Sanded and finished with clear lacquer to prevent water from staining.

Project Portfolio

Check out all of the projects we have completed!

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