About 3DL Colors and Doors

Arkansas Wood Doors uses only the highest quality double refined Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) to meet all of your custom manufacturing needs. Unless otherwise noted, the standard backing is white, Thermo-Fused Melamine. We have a total of 65 3DL colors available and we are always adding more!

Certain 3DL colors are available with Matching-Back; please refer to the 3DL colors for availability. Also, upon request, doors can be bored in order to receive hinges. Please note that additional charges will be applied for Matching-Back and drilled doors.

Product Care

Our products should be kept in a controlled environment and away from high heat and sunlight. Mild soap and water, mild kitchen and glass cleaning products, or denatured alcohol are best to use for cleaning purposes. Avoid harsh cleaners and abrasives. DO NOT USE ACETONE.

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Is there a minimum required?
  • Minimum Press charge for all 3DL orders is 42 sq ft per color.
  • Any amount less than 42 sq ft minimum will be charged $5 per sq ft
  • Discount not applicable