How to Order

Products are organized around a matrix of design features:

  • 100 Series – Solid Wood Frames with Solid Wood Raised Panel
  • 200 Series – Slab Style Drawer Fronts, with laminated strips of wood to make width.
  • 300 Series – Solid Wood Frames with 6 mm Veneer Flat Panel
  • 400 Series – Solid Wood Frames with 5/8″ MDF Raised Panel, Paint Grade
  • 500 Series – Solid Wood Frames with Veneer Raised Panel
  • 700 Series – 3/4″ MDF available with routed design and/or Veneer applied
  • 800 Series – Rigid Thermo Foil (RTF) doors with Vinyl Face, Melamine back, 3/4″ MDF cores

Five specifications are required to process orders:

  1. Door Style – refers to the type and shape of panel. ie: 502VRP = Veneer Raised Panel with Cathedral Arch; 101RP = Solid Wood Raised Door, Square.
  2. Specie – refers to the type of wood (ie: Maple)
  3. Edge Profile – refers to the outside edge profile (ie 6132)
  4. Frame Profile – refers to the profile on the inside of the frame opposite from the edge profile (ie 0131)
  5. Panel Profile – refers to the profile of the raised panel (ie 6097)

Five-Piece Drawer Fronts are priced as doors. Slab Drawer fronts are priced as 200 Series.

Pricing is also organized around species which are separated in various “BANDS”, listed on each Price List.

Quote requests are available and usually responded to within hours of receipt during business hours.

AWD also offers Rustic and Knotty Grades in most wood species.

Rustic Grade: May contain open and closed knots, natural defects in wood, wide variations in color and grain.

Knotty Grade: Only solid knots allowed in this grade, may contain some variations in color and grain.

All orders are assumed to be DOOR SIZE. ┬áPlease order DOOR SIZE only. Dimensions can be inches or millimeters. Tolerance:+/- 1/16th” (2 mm)

We are happy to provide fast accurate price quotations (including packing and freight) and usually can do so within hours of your request. Orders can be faxed to the following number 479-968-2934 or can be emailed to 24 hours,7 days a week.